September, 2007: Launched: First Commercial Polyphosphonate Flame Retardants

New Company, FRX Polymers, Launched;
To Provide First Commercially Available Polyphosphonate Flame Retardants


September 25, 2007 - (Chelmsford, Mass.) FRX Polymers, LLLP (FRX) has announced that it has been formed as a new company to commercialize a new family of polyphosphonate homopolymers and copolymers. FRX will find initial markets as polymeric flame retardant additives for plastics and as transparent, high flowing, non-burning specialty polymers. FRX polymers are non-halogenated, phosphorous based polymers and have the highest Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) of all commercial thermoplastics. (LOI is a key metric to determine non-burning characteristics of polymers.) 

FRX polymers have three distinguishing properties. They have excellent flame retarding properties, they are transparent and also have very high melt flow rate. In addition, due to their polymeric nature, they will not migrate out of the host plastic when used as additives. Tests also show that in certain polymer systems, improved mechanical properties – such as heat distortion temperature – can result.

Company founding CEO, Marc Lebel, explained, “FRX Polymers are new to the world of polymers. While much research has been done on Polyphosphonates over the last 50 years, FRX Polymers is the first company to commercialize them. We have developed a cost effective manufacturing route and through intensive research efforts over the last 4 years, we have dramatically improved the properties of these polymers. Our polymers will find applications in the $15B flame retardant plastics market."

The Company recently started up a new pilot plant and will use the capacity to seed its growing group of development partners. FRX Polymers is forming Joint Evaluation and Development agreements with major polymer and FR additive manufacturers, which will lead to manufacturing and marketing licenses. FRX Polymers has also developed the synthesis process for one of the key phosphorous containing monomers used to produce polyphosphonates. It intends to form a venture to supply this key monomer to its polymer licensees.

About FRX Polymers, LLLP (

FRX Polymers is a limited partnership and is 50% owned by KPP Investments, an investment company with headquarters in Tel Aviv and 50% owned by Triton Systems Inc, a private research and development company which specializes in advanced materials and having headquarters in Chelmsford Massachusetts. FRX Polymers is headquartered in Chelmsford MA, where it conducts its research and where it also operates both polymer and monomer pilot facilities.

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